Our SM weekend: “Permanent SM” in spring 2024

A whole weekend of BDSM at Quälgeist!

Permanent SM is the motto of the long SM weekend at Quälgeist: from Friday evening to Sunday evening, we offer you space to learn, try out and, above all, play. Both beginners and professionals are welcome. For men* only.

26.4. – 28.4.2024,
Registration from 01.02.2023 to 14.02.2023 via e-mail


We offer an entire weekend in a safe atmosphere for everything about dominance, submission, humiliation and, of course, S&M. Use our rooms with their vast possibilities and equipments. Whether as a couple or alone, you can test limits or expand them, learn new things or pass on your knowledge. There will also be a spanking workshop.


From Friday 18:00 to Sunday 16:00 we will be open continuously for all registered guests. You can come and go as you want. Only between 3:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. admission is not possible. You can arrive on Friday at 17:00.

Organizational details

Participation fee

Participation in the weekend costs 125€ (105€ reduced*). This includes:

  • Day membership for the entire weekend
  • Participation in workshops
  • Catering (breakfast buffet, coffee and cake in the afternoon, dinner in the evening and midnight snack)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks (soft drinks, coffee, tea, water, juices)

Alcoholic drinks will be served at regular prices and paid at the end of the weekend.

The participation fee is due in full at the cash desk upon entry to the event. It cannot be deducted in the event of early departure. We do not offer accommodation for overnight stays.

*All club members and other groups receive a discount on presentation of proof (see weitere Personengruppen gegen Nachweis (siehe FAQ)).


Due to limited places and to plan the catering, prior registration is absolutely necessary. From 01.02.2024 0:00 to 14.02.2024 24:00, registration is possible by e-mail to sm-lager@quaelgeist.sm. A nickname as well as first and last name must be entered for each person to be registered. A maximum of two people can be registered in one e-mail.

If more people register than there are places available, the places will be drawn among all registrants in the next Monthly Members Meeting (16.02.2024). If two people have registered with one e-mail, both are automatically set if they are drawn (couples are not separated). You will then receive an e-mail after the MoM to let you know whether your registration was successful or not.

Please do not book any accommodation or travel tickets before your registration is approved!

Dress code and equipment

There is no dress code. However, fetish clothing of any kind is very welcome.

We have a changing room and enough space for your gear, luggage and equipment.

In the Quälgeist there are various possibilities to tie up and lock up. We also lend spanking tools and basics such as tape or foil at the bar. Nevertheless, please bring your own game equipment.

Contact us

by email:  sm-lager@quaelgeist.sm

Club on romeo.com:  sm-lager