With our dresscode we don’t want to exclude anyone, but achieve, that like minded people, that share a common passion for a certain variety or a certain clothing fetish, come together.

The dress code in Quälgeist Berlin e.V. is divided into 7 groups. For an event, one or more of these groups, as well as single items from one group may apply. Information about the dress code can be found in the description of each event. (Attention: There are overlaps in the different groups)

The groups are Leather, Rubber, Uniforms, Sports Gear, Lifestyle, Special Interest and Appropriate Attire.

Leather probably was one of the 1st clothing fetishes in the BDSM scene and got inspired by long leather uniform coats and classical biker gear. The appeal of this material lies in the odour it spreads as well in the unique look of this kind of second skin.
A few of the items belonging to the leather fetish are:
Leather Uniforms (BLUF), Biker Gear, Chaps, Leather Shorts, but also the corresponding Boots, a Leather Harness or simply Leather Cuffs and Collar of a slave.

(Attention: At GEARS & GEAR we would like to see as less skin as possible, so you should cover about 2/3 of your body in fetish gear)

Rubber also is popular amongst fetishist for quite some time now. Its characteristics are manifold. It is waterproof and airtight, shiny on occasions and/or snuggles skin tight to ones body, like a second skin. Also for some people its odour causes a rush, more intoxicating than poppers.
Amongst those desired and welcomed clothes made out of rubber are:
Latex, Vinyl, PVC, Neopren, Industrial Rubber / HAZMAT- & Diving Suits, as well as the good old Wellies and the Raincoat

Along with leather, uniforms are at the forefront of the first clothing fetishes. With good reason, since its diversity is extreme.
And you can count more items into that fetish as you might consider. First of all one thinks of the Military and other gevernment bodies such as the Police. But also Fire Fighters are wearing uniforms and are an inspiration for many fetishists. And thinking of police and legal authorities one shouldn’t forget the other side, since Inmates are wearing uniforms also. And those orange jumpsuits might be remeniscent of the (not necessarily) orange boiler suits, worn by Builders and Garbagemen. Even work wear and Hi-Viz gear are uniforms and we love to see them around at our parties. Furthermore  uniforms can also be seen at youth organisations such as the Boy Scouts and these are welcome as well. And of course we shouldn’t fail to mention those classical Leather Uniforms (BLUF) as well as Suit & Tie. Of course the matching footwear, like Boots and Dress Shoes shouldn’t stay unmetioned.

The preference for sportswear is a clothing fetish, which has become increasingly popular in the past few years. With that there is due to the huge variety of sports a huge variety of the things one can get dressed for pleasure. Apart from the stuff the sportswear brands are selling casual wearing in everydays life and Sox & Sneaks, items like Spandex & Lycra, Neoprene, Soccer-, as well as American Football- & Hockey Gear, along with Motocross- & Winter Sports Gear should be mentioned in particular.

Some of the clothing fetishes that are around have their origins in cultural movements. From bikers, followed by Punks or Skinheads, new things have been added with each generation, which had its own youth- & subcultural movements.
We could summarize this under the term of Lifestyle, since these kinds of clothing could be worn casually on a daily basis. But not everyone dares to wear these often very recognizable clothes on the streets and only wears them in closed spaces and not seldomly only for sexual pleasures. With the style of these clothes often comes a certain appealing and even arousing attitude.
To these kind of clothes one can count the gear of the already mentioned Bikern, Punks & Skinheads auch Gothics, Skater/Hip-Hoppers, Emos, Chavs, Black Bloc people, Sporting Aces, Ravers, Suits, Down Jacket– und Denim Fetishists. Important for us is, that it comes across authentically. This means the suit has to be really posh, the skaters & hip-hoppers should have their pants Sagging and Skinheads should wear braces to prevent the latter. Skins don’t need to wear Bleachers, a pair of washed out jeans works just as fine. Having a skin wear a Bomber Jacket is always a fine sight. Same applies to the Chav, who shouldn’t forget to wear his Sox & Sneaks and Cappy along with his silver chain. And those that are into Denim Gear should wear that from Top to Bottom.

Some fetishes can’t be categorized like the previous discussed. Leading the way is getting out of all the clothes. Nudity can be a fetish as well and for naturists friends we also have our parties. But not only for that. Some of our events have a motto, that isn’t associated with a certain type of clothing. There is for example our Medival torture night, for which one should get into ancient dresses or robes, or perhaps even into Chain Mail & Armour.
Some desires, like Age- or Petplay don’t get recognized by certain types of clothing, but by the choice of accessories. For example PetPlayers and Furries shouldn’t forget to wear their tails or other signs for Affiliation to a certain Species and possibily a Collar, just like ABDL’s should wear their Nappies/Diapers and have their Pacifier and maybe a Plushie. Of course we also allow not appropriately dressed “Guardian” or “Handler” admission to those special interest events.
And especially amonst Lycra Fetishists we don’t want to exclude those, that like to wear a Spiderman Suit or any other super hero costume. Since these Superheros have been an inspiration for a lot of people, escpecially amongst Bondage Enthusiasts.

This dress code applies to our mixed “Sodom & Gomorrah” party, for example. It may seem vague at first glance, so here are a few more specifics:
Appropriate attire can be an evening dress, suit, hedonistic and sexy, feitsh outfit or neat black clothes.
Normal street clothes are not welcome.

Fetish Clothing refering to the german facism is not welcome at our place.