Rules of playing

The following rules apply unless other rules are specified for the event. They supplement our house rules. Due to the Corona pandemic, our hygiene concept has been added to the rules. It is highlighted in red.


AreaAllowedNot allowed
EverywhereIntervene if someone disregards stop words (“red”, “mayday”) Intervene and help in case of an emergency situation Watching others playing (at a distance)Using your mobile phone Photography Filming Harassing other guests or touching them without being asked to do so Drug and excessive alcohol consumption
BarConversations Drinks (also from glasses) Playing (without disturbing conversations)Smoking
Smoking areaSmoking Having talks with each other Drinks (also from glasses) Playing (without disturbing conversations) 
Play areaPlaying (also loudly) Cleaning up after playing Drinks in bottles, cups and mugs After playing: Disinfecting play equipmentSmoking Conversations Drinks in glasses Claiming large areas for oneself

General information

Quälgeist Berlin e.V. is a non-commercial association of BDSM lovers, one of our goals being to provide spaces where everyone can play safely. By “safety” we mean safer play and the avoidance of accidents. Furthermore we treat each other with respect. We want everyone who visits the Quälgeist and follows these rules to feel comfortable as guests in our rooms – whether as a day member, regular member or supporting member.

Our club rooms and the furniture were set up and built by our members on a voluntary basis. We expect you to handle the equipment with care so that others can play safely. If you have any questions about the rooms and equipment, please contact the bar staff who will be happy to show you around and explain the equipment. If you notice that a piece of equipment is broken, please let the bar know so that it can be locked and repaired as soon as possible.

If you wish to smoke, please do so in the smoking area or in front of the entrance. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all other rooms.

You are not allowed to bring drinks in glasses into the play area as they break very easily and the shards can injure anyone playing barefoot. You are welcome to bring your drink in a jug or bottle.

As much as many would like to take a souvenir photo: for reasons of discretion, there is an absolute ban on photography and filming in our rooms. The only exception: photos are allowed in front of our red Quälgeist sign in the entrance area. The use of mobile phones and other devices with cameras is also prohibited. It is best to turn off your mobile phone and leave it in the cloakroom.

Precisely because we have such a wide range of guests and interests and want everyone to feel comfortable, we expect all guests to treat each other with mutual respect, tolerance and courtesy. This goes also when they’re not playing. Do not inflict anything on anyone that he/she does not want. We only want things to happen to you in our rooms that you enjoy – and only with the people you want to play with. However, if you feel you are being harassed, you can always contact the staff on duty.

While playing

Agree on a stop word so that you know when it is too much for your partner. At Quälgeist the universal stop words are “Mayday” and “Red”. All staff and guests have the right and duty to intervene in a session if they notice that someone is not respecting the stop words. In case of doubt, you can also ask for support from the staff.

Never interfere with another person’s session unless you are invited or forced to do so by an emergency situation. This includes keeping an appropriate distance when watching. If someone asks for more distance, respect their wish so that they can have fun with their play.

In order for you to play safely we provide condoms, gloves and lubricant. You will find all these items in the passageway from the play area to the bar.

Please talk in whispers in the play area so as not to distract the others from playing. Otherwise, you are welcome to talk at the bar or in the smoking area.

If you tie someone up or lock them in, you are responsible for them. If you want to leave the room, find someone who will take on this responsibility while you are not there and who will regularly check on the person and free them if necessary. If you notice that someone is tied up alone and panics, help the person to get free.

Support others if they need help and offer help if you notice it is needed. Also, do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it yourself.

Equipment and areas taped off with yellow and black tape may not be used. Don’t play in the passageways.

We will air our rooms regularly. Therefore, please understand that out of consideration for the neighbours we refrain from loud playing while the windows are open.

After playing

Before you move on, please put the toys away and disinfect the furniture and objects you have used. At the entrance to the play area you will find disinfectant spray, kitchen rolls, and disposal containers for needles. For all other items, please use our rubbish bins. If you have brought bottles, cups or mugs, please return them to the bar.

After playing, you are welcome to come to the bar or the smoking area for a drink and a chat. Of course you can continue to play there, but please make sure not to disturb the other guests who want to talk.