Kink and fetish during Pride Month Berlin 2023

The Pride season begins: During CSD parades, images of members of the queer fetish community are readily featured in the media. Unfortunately, these images are rarely associated with enlightenment and the actual needs behind it. At worst, they are perceived as “perverted” and “threatening” by the heteronormative majority.

It is important to note that queer sex workers and the gay fetish scene were the original founders of the CSD movement many decades ago. Therefore, we join this year’s call of Pride Month Berlin: Respect and visibility for the kink & fetish scene.

Our contribution to Pride Month Berlin 2023

Throughout the year we organize parties, regulars’ tables and workshops on various topics related to BDSM and fetish. The majority is aimed at queer target groups. In the context of Pride Month Berlin 2023 these offers get special attention, because they are listed in the official event program.

Specifically, we are talking about various events between the historic Stonewall Day on June 28 to and the Berlin Christopher Street Day on July 22, 2023.

We look forward to the exchange and to curious, interested people who want to get to know our offer.

About Pride Month Berlin

Last year, Pride Month Berlin was initiated by the Berlin CSD e.V. to give more attention to the current concerns of the queer community. It offers a space for networking, exchange, support and visibility that cannot be sufficiently guaranteed by the pride demonstration alone.