No reopening due to Corona pandemic

Dear friends and followers,

on the home stretch of reopening our club rooms we now unfortunately face force majeure:
In view of the current health situation we have to postpone our reopening indefinitely.

We were just about to publish our event dates and resume operations. Thanks to the numerous donations and many tireless helpers we managed to finalize most of the construction work. Also, all permits have been issued. There was nothing to stop us from reopening for Easter Berlin.
The expected – and badly needed – revenues from the Easter events will now fail to materialize, which once again threatens our existence…

That’s why we need your help once again to bridge the “Corona Lockdown”! We have to raise a considerable amount of money each and every month to cover our running costs (rent, heating, electricity, etc.). Our membership fees most likely will not suffice.

Please continue to support us to make sure we can survive the closure time.

We will naturally inquire whether we can make use of any announced government assistance.

Many thanks to all our present and future supporters.
Keep healthy and take care!

Many greetings
Your Quälgeist Team