Quälgeist 2021 – A few dates (provisional outline)

Even though the when and how of our reopening is still uncertain, we decided to plan ahead some of the events for 2021.

Accordingly the following dates are rather theoretical. They will only apply if and when we will be able to reopen completely (without any restrictions with regard to the number of guests or to other requirements caused by the pandemic).

Spring/Summer 2021

Freitag2021-04-30Workers’ & Peasants’ StateMixed
Freitag2021-05-28Quälgeist getting messy!Men Only*
Samstag2021-05-29Quälgeist getting messy!Men Only*
Sonntag2021-05-30Quälgeist getting messy!Men Only*
Samstag2021-06-26Summer PPPMixed U35
Samstag2021-07-31Summer FestivalMixed
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Folsom-Week 2021

Montag2021-09-06Blue Monday ChilloutMixed
Dienstag2021-09-07SM on TuesdayMen Only*
Mittwoch2021-09-08Honey & SpiceFLTI
Donnerstag2021-09-09CombatMen Only*
Freitag2021-09-10Painful WelcomeMen Only*
Samstag2021-09-11Gear/SMMen Only*
Sonntag2021-09-12FQLSQM-BDSM-ChilloutMen Only*
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Autumn/Winter 2021

Freitag2021-09-24Holiday Camp (ABDL & Ageplay)Men Only*
Samstag2021-09-25Holiday Camp (ABDL & Ageplay)Queer
Sonntag2021-09-26Holiday Camp (ABDL & Ageplay)Queer
Freitag2021-10-29Permanent Bondage (open all day)Men Only*
Samstag2021-10-30Permanent Bondage (open all day)Men Only*
Sonntag2021-10-31Permanent Bondage (open all day)Men Only*
Sonntag2021-12-05/12Advent Flea MarketMixed
Freitag2021-12-24SM on Christmas EveMixed
Samstag2021-12-25SM on Christmas DayMen Only*
Sonntag2021-12-26SM on Boxing DayMixed
Montag2021-12-27Blue Monday ChilloutMixed
Dienstag2021-12-28SM on TuesdayMen Only*
Mittwoch2021-12-29Queer HoneyQueer
Donnerstag2021-12-30Winter PPPMixed U35
Samstag2022-01-01Hangover BreakfastMixed
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