New program until October published

Our event program until October 2021 is now available. You can find all dates as well as the registration in our online calendar or in our app.
Of course, the dates are subject to possible restrictions for infection control.
We have compiled some highlights here:

Folsom Europe 2021

This year we can finally participate again in the street festival and with evening events:

08.09. – Queer Honey
09.09. – Combat
10.09. – Quälgeist-Booth at street fair
10.09. – Painful welcome
11.09. – Gear SM
12.09. – FQLSQM-BDSM-Chillout
13.09. – Blue Monday Chillout
14.09. – SM on Thursday

Diaper- and Ageplay-Weekend

Next to our diaper munch a highlight for many ABDL friends:

24.09. – Nappies for a change
25.09. – Playtime & Diaper munch
25.09. – Nappy Play Group
26.09. – Sunday School

Permanent Bondage

For the end of October, we plan a weekend where we will offer bondage events throughout. The details are still work in progress and will be announced as soon as possible.