Ageplay and diaper events

Quälgeist Berlin e.V. is a non-commercial association of SM and Fetish enthusiasts. Thanks to our space of approx. 300 sqm. we can offer a great variety of play options, including St. Andrew’s cross, cages, a rack, wall bars, hoists & pulleys, a hanging cage, slings and many other play tools.

We’ve been organising Ageplay events in our rooms since 2012 – from smaller munches with 30-50 visitors to large Ageplay & Diaper Weekends with up to 200 visitors. And so far, all the little ones, caretakers and friends have felt comfortable at our events.

What to expect

You are among friends here at Quälgeist and you can show yourself off however feels comfortable. At these events, in addition to our play opportunities for BDSM and fetish, we offer enough space to feel small and fool around.

Have a chat at the bar over a bottle of cocoa, take a dip in the ballpit, snooze in the crib or build the tallest building block tower.

There might be the occasional Nerf gun duel to escape early bedtime, which for the naughty kids might well end in the padded cell or on the pillory.

After a rather long break we are very happy to welcome ABU as an event partner in Berlin. Exchange ideas with the ABU crew about the best padding technique, go on the hunt for aliens or solve the mystery of the missing paws.

ABU will of course equip our changing stations during the munches and ferianlager weekends and will surely serve up a surprise or two.

ABDL Munch

Usually on the last Sunday of the month, our PLAYTIME Munch is a bit smaller and more relaxed than the big weekends. Our kid’s room as well as the colouring corner, the crib, the high chair, building blocks and the ball pit are all available for you to play in.

Ageplay & Diaper Weekends

Three times a year we organise our Ageplay & Diaper Weekends with a varied programme for all ABDLs & Ageplayers. Let out your inner child or take care of the little ones. All other ageplay related fetishes besides diapers are welcome, regardless of whether you are an ABDL, school girl or boy, a sissy or a doll, a babyfur or the evil aunt. Our rooms offer anything little hearts desire: a big play pen with kids’ cinema, a children´s room, a gaming area, a colouring table, a classroom, a detention cell and a ball pit. And for those of you who haven’t been well-behaved, our rooms offer quite a few opportunities to be punished.

With numerous helpers from the association and the community, we transform Quälgeist into a big kid’s paradise. Some romp in the ballpit, others find themselves in the padded cell or play Mariokart while next door someone’s screaming their head off at the St. Andrew’s cross. And among all that turmoil a few cheeky little ones scurry through the rooms with Nerfguns or someone hangs from the ceiling in ropes.

We are always looking for motivated helpers when it comes to preparing the event and tidying afterwards. This also goes for the event itself, be it at the cloakroom, the bar or in the kitchen. Would you like to read to the little ones, do handcrafts in a larger group or give a thematically appropriate workshop? Just get in touch with us!

Sign up for the turnament

We will host a Mario Kart tournament on Friday 23rd September and a Super Smash Bros tournament on Saturday 24th September, to once again determine the best placed among all participants. ABU provided some prices for the winners.


As a newbie, it sometimes takes a lot of courage to attend our events. At the Ageplay & Diaper Weekends, we would like to offer you the opportunity to discover our event with a buddy, so that initial concerns are alleviated and you feel comfortable. Feel free to get in touch beforehand.


Has helped organise the events for years and can be considered a veteran. Also a passionate furry and always understanding.

You can reach him through Telegram


Was a newbie in January 2022 and is now ready to help alleviate the nervousness of other newbies.

You can reach him through Telegram and Instagram


In addition to numerous little ones, friends and other helpers during, before and after our events, there is a small core team on whose soil all the nonsense that we come up with actually grows. Despite the excitement and fun, we always have an open ear for you, if you feel insecure, anxious or uncomfortable.


Creative mind, never seems to have a clue but somehow follows through with everything.


Organises the helpers, the partners and the event schedule.


Responsible for our pocket money and for some order in the chaos.


Our kind-hearted soul at the entrance.

Our upcoming Ageplay and Diaperevents

Playtime – Der Windel- & AgePlay-Stammtisch – Playtime – The ABDL- & AgePlay Munch
Oct 23 @ 15:00 – 23:00
Eingeladen sind alle, die Windeln lieben und/oder in kindliche oder fürsorgliche Rollen schlüpfen.
  • Kein Dresscode – Fetisch willkommen
Everyone who loves diapers / nappies and/or takes on childish or caring roles is invited.
  • No dresscode – fetish welcome!

Voranmeldung möglich / Pre-registration possible
Zur Anmeldung / Registration form

Our ferienlager weekends are usually held on the last full weekend in January, May and September.

2023: 27.-29. Januar / 26.-28. Mai / 22.-24. September
2024: 26.-28. Januar / 24.-26. Mai / 27.-29. September

The daily membership costs 12 €, and we charge an additional fee of 4 € for equipment and preparations. This means you pay 16 € per day of the holiday camp.

As a member of the association, the daily membership fee is waived. Certain groups have the possibility to take part in our events at a reduced price. You can find these in the general FAQs of the Quälgeist.

If there is no holiday camp, we only charge an additional fee of 4 € for the monthly playtime.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer overnight accommodation.

Please register for the events via the calendar or the Quälgeist app. Your place will then be reserved for you until two hours after the start of the event. Afterwards, admission is open even without registration. We recommend calling +49 30 69519650 in advance to check whether the current event is full.

Please cancel your registration if your plans change.

Our Ferienlager and playtimes are designed to offer you a safe place to play and be Little. The focus is on playfully living out your fetish. Sex is tolerated, but is not the aim of the events and should not take place in a conspicuous way and without disturbing the event.